Praid’s main sites are the salt mine, the salt mill, the hydrothermal salt bath, Salt Hill (576 m),
a nature park where, in eight hectares, one can marvel at a salt canyon, salt pits, salt cliffs and
salt fountains. The folk museum houses ethnographic exhibits and a collection displaying the
process of mining salt. On the edge of the village stands an archaeological site, the Fort of Mrs.
Rapsó (905 m), an early medieval stronghold dating back to the eleventh and twelfth centuries.

”Once upon a time, between Parajd and Szováta, there used to be a fort and its faerie mistress was called Mrs. Rapso. Her wealth was unfathomable, only her mind and her piety were greater. Each Sunday she would go to mass in Torda in a cart drawn by four horses.”

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