Porumbenii Mari

Its Reformed church was built during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries in a transitionary style. Its notable artifacts are: the sanctuary, the doorframe of the vestry, the foundation wall of the ossarium, remains of medieval frescoes dating from the fourteenth century and the boarded ceiling from 1789. The Lake of Rac is a
natural park.

„Close to Nagygalambfalva, in the place of Crab’s Lake, there used to be house. A wealthy but wicked spinster used to live there, Mrs. Crab, with her ugly daughter and beautiful step-daughter. The days came and passed, and the step-daughter got sadder by the day. Her life got harder and more hopeless every day and she had no one to share her suffering with. She cried more and more, her tears streaming down day and night. This is how Crab’s Lake emerged.”

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