Miercurea Ciuc

The Mikó Castle was built in between 1623–1631 in Neo-Renaissance style. It is the most important historical monument and sight in Ciuc. At present, it is home to the region’s premier museum, the Szekler Museum of Ciuc. Jigodin was a village in Harghita county until 1930. Jigodin lies on the bank of the Fitód creek, it became the southern part of Miercurea Ciuc in 1930. A part of the old village became a spa called Jigodin Spa. Opposite the village, on the banks of the Olt River, on a hilltop called Small Fort Hill, ruins of a fort can be seen.

”On the edge of the cliff, where the mistress was waiting for her husband in the days of long ago, the traces of her feet can be still seen.”

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