The fortified Unitarian church is a World Heritage Site. It is the oldest and most important fortified church and monument in the Odorhei region. The frescoes on the walls of the church were painted in 1419, and are among the most fascinating portrayals of the Legend of St. Ladislaus (Ladislaus I of Hungary). The style of the church indicates a transition between Romanesque and Gothic. Its present form is a result of the expansion and rebuilding of its Romanesque chapel from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The Gothic-style rebuilding is
assumed to have occurred in the second half of the fifteenth century.

”St. Ladislau was a fearless warrior already while he was only a prince. He took part in countless battles against the marauding Cumans. The fresco in the church in Székelyderzs bears witness that
this happened so.”

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